Store Your T-Shirts Every Which Way


By Amy Ratcliffe

When you take advantage of the great deals on TeeFury on a regular basis, space can become an issue. Though we’ve discussed purging your tee collection and transforming some of your collection into craft projects, what if that’s not for you? You’ll eventually have to figure out storage solutions and make an effort to maximize any available space you have. I’m guilty of shoving t-shirts into drawers any which way just so I can close them, but that makes finding particular shirts difficult. Ideally, you want to store your tees efficiently but also in a way that lets you see the design.


I have a few suggestions to help you get started with t-shirt organization.

The first step with any project like this is to assess what you have. If you’re cramming shirts into a drawer without paying much attention, you’ll probably be stunned to learn exactly how many t-shirts you own. I’ll admit that I could wear a different tee each day of the month with just my Star Wars themed designs. While you’re counting, this is a great time to decide if you want to sort your shirts into any kind of system. You could separate tees by color, franchise, or theme. For example, mash-up t-shirts in one section, comic character designs in their own row, etc.

As you consider sorting, remember to make it as easy as possible. If you won’t use the system continually as you do laundry and go about your routines, it’s kind of pointless to set one up. I know that I won’t keep up sorting by color so I have my t-shirts organized by Star Wars and then everything else. It helps a little in the morning when I sleepily shuffle through my drawers.

T-shirt Shelf

Once you’ve grasped how many shirts you need to store and whether you want to implement any kind of classification system, it’s time to look at space. The options aren’t limited to buying another dresser. You can use: bookshelves (Ikea is great for this, look at the above photo), plastic containers that stack or slide under your bed, hanging canvas shelves that go in your closet, stacking plastic drawers, or PVC pipes to create storage that looks an art installation. If you prefer to hang your t-shirts, get cascading hangers to stack several shirts with a single hanger.

vertical storage folding

And, you don’t have to organize at all. Sometimes, it’s just about space. Though it would be wonderful to have a new dresser and room for bins, it’s not always feasible. I’m out of space for additional furniture, so for me, I just need to maximize what I have so my t-shirts aren’t exploding onto the floor. If you’re just looking for ways to make do with the storage you have, you can still tidy up. The best and easiest tip for making more room in your drawer is to either roll your shirts or line them up in your drawer vertically. I used the folding method pictured above to take my drawer from disaster to tidy in only 20 minutes.

before and after

Now, go get a jump start on your spring cleaning!





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  • Threeboy

    Or force yourself to buy less t-shirts :(

    The first step is admitting you have a problem…

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      I support you, Threeboy.

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      I’ll be the first to admit I have a problem. More than one problem to be truthful. lol

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      Less t-shirts? But then they wouldn’t fit!


  • Michelann Rousseau

    That is a very good idea. I think I will try that with the kidz tee shirts. I hang mine up in my closet though. Thank you for the tip.