Theories of Evolution

A Study in Details For the keen eyed scholarly types, one of today’s designs, “Evolution” by Santiago Sanchez, holds some delectable easter eggs. When asked about his design inspiration, we go more than just an answer but a comprehensive visual guide! But first, let’s start with some words from the artist: SS: “This design is […]

On the Road to Adventure

In many cases, some of our most beloved fictional characters are vehicles. Their integral role to whatever storyline we are following, drive their way straight into our hearts along with their passengers. We gladly fasten our seatbelts, and take a backseat to the adventure, and somewhere along the way develop a sincere affinity for an […]

Artist Spotlight: Megan Lara

Artist extraordinaire, Megan Lara, has embedded her mark across the hearts of TeeFurians everywhere. TeeFury proudly illuminates our Artist Spotlight on this mega-watt talent, and have curated a collection of her most beloved designs. With her colorful Art Nouveau and classic tattoo-flash designs, the eclectic mix of fandoms benefit from MeganLara’s stylistic vision. Each creation […]