Cinema Makeup School x TeeFury Team-up

Makeup Artists: Alexa Coleman, Mia Fernandez, Sara Pacheco Models: Autumn Young, Leslie Gladney, Emily Perkins Thanks to photography by Refraction Group Getting the Look The ways in which geek and pop-culture fans express themselves has definitely traversed many spaces in the last decade. Far from the shy shut-ins of yore, fashion forward thinking fans now show […]

Creeps and Treats | Ain’t No Thang

BeastPop and Hillary White Rabbit have mashed-up together to create their latest totally clawsome design, “AIN’T NO THANG“. How could I NOT be inspired to spawn my own outrageous creepy treat to mimic this showpiece? I mean, if you are gonna rock an early 80’s sci-fi horror hybrid tee, you might as well blow everyone’s […]

The BeastPop Takeover Collection

It’s the season of spooks and TeeFury is gearing up for a month of the macabre! We’re both excited and honored today to have designer extraordinaire BeastPop (aka. Jared Moraitis) make a splash launching his special Takeover Collection today. Read on below about the veritable monster squad of talent he assembled for this special set. Take it away […]

A Galactic Collab with Brandon Kenney & Karen Hallion

Have you seen this adorable design rolling around the interwebs? Entitled “Chew Toy“, it’s the cuddliest mashup in recent memory and features the combined talents of Brandon Kenney and Karen Hallion for this TeeFury Exclusive. With the curiosity of a probe droid, we tracked down these Force-sensitive artists who graciously shared their collaborative process and what it’s like to […]

A Spielworld of Details

Get a closer look at this dedication to a modern master of storytelling with today’s TeeFury design, “Spielworld“. Artist mmarcin continues his epic dedication to the movers and shakers of the silver screen. Hover over and find your favorites easter eggs from films past. Fly over to here to snag the tee for yourself for just $11 today only (9/17)!

The Geek Dad Curated Collection

This Fall sees more curated collections brought into the fold as TeeFury extends the power of curation to notable citizens of the pop-culture universe. This week we have a special collection put together by our friends at GeekDad– learn a bit about their geeky philosophy below! If there’s one thing we at GeekDad take (overly) seriously, it’s pop culture. […]

The Megan Lara Takeover Collection

Longtime TeeFury artist Megan Lara brought in her curated tastes with this inaugural Artist Takeover collection. Read on below as she shares her thoughts on selecting each of these featured designs! My Artistic & Personal Inspirations This collection is comprised of work from some of my favourite designers–many of whom also happen to be my favourite people–except maybe that […]

Happy National Dog Day!

TeeFury wishes you dog lovers a woof-tastic National Dog Day! We love our pups and are celebrating by sharing our paw-friends with you guys! Meet Jake & pup Pistachio! “I love belly rubs, long walks in the park, and peeing on furniture when no one is looking.” Meet Cody, Beth & pup Charlie! “She balances a pretty packed […]