On the Road to Adventure

In many cases, some of our most beloved fictional characters are vehicles. Their integral role to whatever storyline we are following, drive their way straight into our hearts along with their passengers. We gladly fasten our seatbelts, and take a backseat to the adventure, and somewhere along the way develop a sincere affinity for an inanimate object.

Haunted Old Impala1

For nine heart-pounding seasons now, two demon hunting brothers have saved humanity on our television sets while careening across the country in a black ’67 Chevy Impala. The car is as fiercely protected and loved as if it was another blood member of the family. In an uncertain, and ever-changing world, the only home they reside in is the “Metallicar”. It is their place of solace and bonding, and was passed down from their father. This car is more than just muscle…it also drives the beat of their hearts.

Haunted Old van

Another vehicle that has carried many treasured Saturday morning childhood memories is a ’65 Chevy Greenbrier van. This “mystery machine” and it’s psychedelic paint job was the mode of transportation for four ghost-hunting teenagers and a lovable talking great dane. The van served as a sense of liberation and freedom that comes with finding your own identity as a young adult, and that flashy paint job depicted that sensation perfectly. The van is just as iconic as each character from the animated series. Children everywhere could not wait to start their own investigative team and have a cool van to take them on an adventure.

What are some of your favorite fictional cars?