May the 4th: A New Gallery

A long time ago…in a Gallery far, far away….

A long time ago

It is a period of awesomeness. Rebel tee-shirts, back from a hidden vault, have escaped from a deep cavern.

During this time, from May 4th-May 14th 2014, the rebellious TeeFury staff have managed to select designs buried in the vault, and have released them into the GALLERY, a vast design dominion with enough power to clothe an entire planet.

Pursued by TeeFurians, these designs are only available for a limited time, so become a custodian of these fandom tees that can save our people, and restore the force to the galaxy….



Daaaa….Daaaa…Da Da Da Daaa..Da….Da Da Da Daaaaaaaaaa…




But, seriously, to commemorate and properly celebrate one of sci-fi’s greatest fandoms of all-time, the TeeFury staff have hand-picked 10 tees to be added to the Galactic Collection, starting at $15 each, and available for only a limited time. Starting May 4th and ending May 14th, jedi’s and sith’s alike can snatch up 10 different designs from the past that have previously been unavailable in the Gallery.  We felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out for more tees, and so we will silence them.  The Force is strong with TeeFurians. These tees are what give them their power. Grab these tees from the Galactic Collection. You’re our only hope.