Make the Most of Your Design’s Life Cycle

Inspiration struck, probably without warning. You put in the time: the research, the thumbnails, the sketches, the critiques, revisions, and the lack of sleep. You’ve finally cracked it and it’s everything you’d hoped – time to toss that sucker out into the world and watch it fly!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.29.53 AMYour first instinct is undoubtedly to upload the design to a cut-and-paste shop. It’s routine at this point and slaps a creation date onto your work if you haven’t catalogued the creation process on your social channels. You could sell a few here-and-there and get some eyeballs on it, but if you plan on submitting to a daily tee site like TeeFury, you’re losing potential sales.

blog_pic2What drives demand for a design is scarcity, price, and quality. Once it’s featured in a marketplace, it loses its edge. Even if they didn’t buy it from you, it no longer has that new tee smell. With an audience as large and loyal as TeeFury’s, poised for the impulse-buy of a 24-hour deal, scarcity plays a major role. For that reason, we love being able to debut your awesome tees, to ensure we can make the most of the design’s potential.

blog_pic3Our screen printers are some of the best around and we’re able to provide great quality for low cost to our fans; we’ve got that covered. You, the artist (or “arteest,” if you’re fancy), control the scarcity of your work and can pump up demand to Kaiju-like proportions by withholding it from public consumption (outside of teasing it on your fanpage and other social avenues) until it’s featured as the tee-of-the-day. Consider the example of our daily-tee-record holder Chris Wahl and his design “Best Buddies.” The shirt first ran in 2010 and after a long period of stasis in carbonite, it returned in 2013, ripping the arms off his previous record like a disgruntled, hirsute Holochess master.

blog_pic4It’s a “Choose Your Own Tee-venture” scenario: you can toss a key onto a kite and hope lightning strikes, or harness that potential with Tesla coil precision. If you choose to submit your awesome design, turn to pg.42, otherwise turn to pg.87.