It’s A Pi Day Miracle!

The celebratory day of irrational transcendental mathematical constants has arrived! Pi Day! March 14th is simplified as Pi3.14, the EXTREMELY shortened version of this infinite ratio used to compute the circumference, area, and volume of circles. Basically, it is scientifically the symbol of geek pride.  To be able to have at least one day devoted to the all out majesty of mathematics and science is cause for conviviality. It is that one day where we can have our cake…or rather, pie…and eat it, too.

The power of Pi can be eloquently demonstrated by its sheer perpetual calculation. Take for instance the time that Mr. Spock thwarted the evil plans that Redjac had imposed on the U.S.S. Enterprise’s computer by forcing it out with a Class-A compulsory directive to compute Pi to the last digit.  I raise my hand, and give a hearty Vulcan salute to that act of logic. Live long and prosper, my fellow Teefurians! Furthermore, the fact that the pronunciation of Pi is “pie”, we get to justify eating a delicious dessert.

Praise PumpkinIn honor of Pi Day, I have deemed it appropriate to bake a pie. Not just any flavor will do. If you had a chance to catch our 24 hour live stream over at Twitch yesterday, you met our all-powerful deity, Pumpkin.  PRAISE PUMPKIN! The ultimate sacrifice that any honorable pumpkin can give is its own life for the pleasure of feasting on its scrumptious pulp.  Here is my wicked recipe for Purgatory (Pumpkin) Pie.

The ultimate connoisseur of pies is hands-down Supernatural’s Dean Winchester. This demon hunter has more success at preventing the apocalypse then he does at scoring a piece of pie. Well, you just sit right down, Dean, because I have donned my “Wayward Sons” tee, (available here in the TeeFury Gallery) and cooked up something special just for you!

Get out there, Teefurians…and celebrate Pi Day by showing some “pi”zazz with your TeeFury shirts! And bake a pie for the love of Dean Winchester…and SCIENCE!

But that’s not all! We have an actual Pi Day miracle here because we are releasing some sweet gallery tees today! Head on over to the TeeFury Gallery and see the amazing new (old) designs in the gallery. There’s even one with Pi on it. It’s another reason to Praise Pumpkin!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 2.59.51 PM

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