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Save Zero



We sold so many shirts for Zerobriant and we were alerted that someone from the TeeFury community anonymously donated $1000 towards helping Zero. Teefury and Zero are extremely grateful for what you guys have done and thank the community for being so generous. THANK YOU, TEEFURIANS!

Zero can still use help though. His goal of 15k is not yet met and you can help him by donating directly or buying his products. You can still get Time Fiction right here for only $18. And every purchase helps out Zerobriant. Thanks again, everyone.


The artistic community prides itself on mutual respect and support, so when one hurts, we all hurt. Zerobriant has provided TeeFury with some incredibly popular designs over the years, like The 11th Hour and Time Fiction. When we here at TeeFury and others had learned that he had been injured and needed help, the entire artistic community banded together to find a solution.

Time Fiction

Zero suffered injuries to his spinal cord that have left him with a herniation of his spinal disc. Not only does this injury cause him severe pain and the inability to work, but it can also lead to paralysis from the neck down, and even threatens his very life. Zero desperately needs surgery, but is lacking the ability to pay the $15,000 cost. The over-whelming support from the art community and his fans have been a testament to the giving nature of humanity. Zero still needs help funding this surgery. TeeFury has experienced a positive response to the limited-time re-release of The 11th Hour, and have decided to extend the sale of this tee until Monday, May 26th. You can also pick up Time Fiction in our Gallery. Sales from these two designs help Zerobriant fund his surgery, and are greatly appreciated. You can also donate directly without purchasing a tee by visiting his website here, and follow the PayPal link. Any amount helps, and the sense of gratitude has elevated us all.

11th Hour

TeeFury would like to thank everyone for their generosity, and continued support of inspiring artistic expression. We wish Zerobriant nothing but the best, and are grateful for his contributions in art. Be sure to snag The 11th Hour until Monday, May 26th! Thank you, TeeFurians!

  • zerobriant

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your generous support. :) thank you guys!! ♥