Grab Bag Woes: How to Trade Your Tees!

We have a grab bag coming up on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014. While that is the most exciting thing on the planet (or so our marketing department tells us) some folks find Grab bags to be frustrating. “BUT TEEFURY, WHY IS THAT?” you might shout at us. Well, keep your voice down, and let me tell you how grab bag works so I can tell you how to solve this problem.

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Grab bags are when we have leftover shirts in our warehouse that need to be cleared out to make room for super awesome new designs. Because these are extras, we sell them at a lower price in order to guarantee that they leave our shipping facility. But, yes there’s a but, we don’t tell you what we are sending you when you order. That keeps labor costs down and let’s us assure we get rid of all leftover stock. This works well for both us and the customer, which in this business, is a win win!

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The problem is that people don’t know what they are going to get and whether or not they’ll like it! There is a solution to this problem. A lot of teefury fans have gotten together to create communities where they can trade the shirts they get with other people who might want what they got. So, if you find yourself with a Haunted Old Van but really wanted a Spider’s Nightmare you now have options to get what you really wanted for only a little bit of cash.

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Here are the three locations that TeeFury has seen across the web where you can trade. Two are not affiliated with TeeFury and one is hosted on our forums. Happy trading!

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Know of any other places to swap? Let us know below!