Gallery Grab Bag Sale 2:
Grab Bag Harder


Our Gallery Grab Bag Sale is something we haven’t done a whole lot of here at TeeFury. Frankly, it’s just as new to us as it is to you guys. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t put a lot of thought into this. And, with that being said, we wanted to lift the veil in some ways about why and how we planned this whole thing out…

Stardate 23098

We stationed ourselves near the Romulan system in hopes of finding new materials to build superior shirts for Starfleet…

Ok so the higher ups told me I’m not allowed to turn this into an analogy about Star Trek and the plight of man. Oh well. One day they’ll get it.


What we really did was look at what happened on Cyber Monday. That seems like ages ago now doesn’t it? We tried the first gallery sale there and it went pretty good. But the resounding voice we heard was people wanted some form of control over their gallery purchase. That control that was so widely wanted was a limit on Who tees. 

The interesting thing about that is how both sides wanted absolutely more, or less, shirts than the other wanted. And with all of that in mind we decided to give the gallery grab bag sale another try. This time we wanted to make sure we gave the fans what they wanted and offered the options of more or less Who-ness. Just look at how hard we work in this picture!


Ok maybe that’s not the best picture but it’s staying! So what this all boils down to is us wanting to create the best user experience we could for everyone that comes to our site regularly. We are always trying to get the opinions of our audience and utilize them to make our business the best it can be. Hopefully today is what you guys all wanted and hopefully we can take your dreams and make it so. See what I did there?!


  • Cayla

    I have to say, I was thrilled to see the two-fury gallery grab bag! In February’s grab bag I ordered 3 shirts. I got two super cool who shirts (sleeping beauty and the forest animals in the tenth doctor’s clothes and the fourth doctor and k-9 in the et bike scene) but then the third shirt was some random anime I’ve not seen or read. So, that was a little disappointing (especially since I didn’t have anyone to gift it to) but it’s making a good “around the house” shirt.

    • Cayla

      Anyways, the point was, I just ordered 4 from the who grab bag. And I’m excited.

      • teefury

        Love hearing that! Glad you’re enjoying the sale. We’ll be doing lots of fun stuff like this soon!

  • madonna816

    This worked perfectly for me! Thank you! I love a lot of the shirts that make odd references, like Where’s Waldo “Found,” or Powdered Toast Man, but there aren’t enough of those for me to justify the risk. (I buy a lot of other shirts, too, because I have an arrangement with my best friend. When it’s a subject he likes, I send him the daily email & he tells me yes/no. At Christmas, I box up all of his yeses & send them to him. It’s like Christmas on layaway.) I do, however, proudly count myself among Whovians! Getting to specify Doctor Who allowed me to get in on the fun. Even if it’s not a favorite design, at least I won’t hate it & I’ll fully understand it. Truth is, TeeFury is what pushed to watch, fall in love with, & then binge watch every Doctor Who episode, including specials & webisodes, twice! (Watched it a bit as a kid, but it felt too dark for me, at the time, which was around the time of #4) That d*mned Whoville t-shirt was the one that drove me over the edge! I mean, even the haters have to see how brilliant that is! Also, thank you for not buckling when it comes to DW. It’s popular, it makes you money, & it’s not excessive. I am certain that if it didn’t make you money, you wouldn’t have one or two a month (which, btw, for something that’s hot, that’s a small number & shows restraint, lol. Haters gonna hate, I suppose.) To quote a line from Madonna’s Material Girl video, “Don’t change anything, George.”

  • Tim Conklin

    The grab bag where shirts were $6 regardless of size was really great. I bought 6 this last time and will 100% be buying the max allowed next time.

    Please please please bring that back. I found out about the site recently and like the ability to gerlt older shirts.