Expanding the Fictional Universe

 By MJ

Serious fans can agree on one thing- there’s never enough of the media you love!

Harry Potter fans weren’t satisfied to read the books and see the movies- they also had to write fan fiction and start their own Quidditch leagues! Star Trek fans might have had multiple TV series and films to obsess over, but it sure didn’t stop generations of art creation and cosplay. And heck, Sherlock Holmes fans in the entertainment industry took it to a whole new level with two major shows on two continents!

Each addition makes the fandom larger and gives fans more ways to engage with the characters and universe they hold dear. But for my money, the best fan innovations are the ones that let fans do a truly amazing thing…

Become a part of the fictional universe.

What I’m talking about isn’t quite cosplay, though it’s an adjacent concept. With cosplay you’re often portraying a character, and doing it elaborately. But when you’re wearing a particular class of t-shirt parody, you’re still being yourself… you’re just being you in a different universe.

Instead of rooting for the Chicago Bears or St. Louis Cardinals, you’re the kind of sports fan who thinks this might be a breakout year for the troubled Tusken franchise and who always supports your alma mater’s team, the Fighting Imps.



You were listening to River Tam & the Fireflies before they were cool and yes, that IS a vintage Battle of the Bands shirt that you’re wearing.


Forget Fed-Ex. When your trusty Firefly-class ship was on the fritz (remember how Kaylee’s Spacecraft Repair had to special order that part?), you took your package to the best guys in the business, Captain Tightpants Delivery.


06-tightpantsBecause movies, books and TV shows aren’t just things you consume, they can be things you love. And best of all, you’re filling the world with Easter eggs for other fans- whose day wouldn’t be brightened if they got to pretend for a moment that video games were real on an otherwise boring Monday?





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