Epic Team Up! TeeFury X Nerdist

It has happened. Greatness has been achieved. A collaboration of forces have joined together to create a masterfully designed piece of wearable art. TeeFury and The Nerdist have conspired together to build our latest tee, “It’s Dangerous to Mow Alone”. Directly inspired by avid game enthusiast and Nerdist News host, Jessica Chobot, it “links” quite nicely to the fandoms that TeeFury and The Nerdist share.


This unprecedented coalition was bound to happen. TeeFury and The Nerdist decided that generating a new design would be a great opportunity to work together to celebrate their audience’s passion for their fandoms. TeeFury has been thrilled that Jessica Chobot has proudly featured some of TeeFury’s designs in the past on Nerdist News, now available for a limited time in our Nerdist News Collection. This perfect alignment of The Nerdist’s informative media with TeeFury’s fantastically rendered fandom art, fuses together what captures the hearts and minds of fan devotees. As The Nerdist contributor Amy Ratcliffe most recently blogged for TeeFury said, “It’s never been a better time to be a geek.” And she is right! With the invention of social media, podcasts, and various sources to access information quickly at our very fingertips, our interests and hobbies have become more prominent in our daily lives.  The Nerdist offers us a place to keep abreast of the latest in our various fandom news, and TeeFury offers us the chance to personally display that enthusiasm with a tee. Win/Win!


So the next time you think of the ultimate superhero team-ups, let The Nerdist and TeeFury take a place among the other avenging leagues of awesomeness. And be sure to check out “It’s Dangerous to Mow Alone”. You will also flip out over our other design “The Last Fung-Us”.  This flip-tee design is certain to infect others once you reveal the whole picture. Consider the action like a secret nerd handshake. Or remain incognito. It’s cool. Just don’t be the last of us to grab this tee.