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TeeFury’s First Fan Curated Collection by Agent V

The amazing universe of designs available on TeeFury are fueled by the love of passionate fans supporting independent artists. For the most recent release of designs into our Gallery of tees, we let one lucky superfan take the reins to select 25 new designs to join our pop-culture cornucopia. Specially selected for being a unique and active part of the geek community […]

Old Buddies and New Tees with Galactic Style

TeeFurians who have been around from long ago will immediately recognize this galactic pair from not too far away… “Best Buddies” by Chris Wahl has been one of TeeFury’s most popular and instantly collectible designs. Within its deceptively simple lines, the illustration captures the palpable and playful spirit of adventure and excitement (Although we crave not […]

TeeFury’s Critical Hit Team-up with ArcKnight

Celebrating the infinitely expanding worlds of table-top gaming, TeeFury partnered with ArcKnight to bring to life the Critical Hit Collection of Table-top themed t-shirts! With every order, TeeFurians will get a free set of custom Flat Plastic Miniature (FPM) figurines, a unique signature to ArcKnight gameplay. These were specially designed by the TeeFury Art Team and combined with a […]

Fashionably Early Ugly Sweaters

Things Are About to Get Ugly! Have you checked the halls lately? There ready to be decked! Trees aren’t the only things needing trimming this season– decorate your torso with the finest Ugly Sweaters around, available now at TeeFury. Featuring a bevy of brand new designs by top-notch artists, this first wave of sweaters celebrates the best knit in […]

Dubsmash Wars for Charity with Team Carter & Team Shield T-shirts

Music to our Ears Universes collide when fictional superheroes swing into reality to benefit real-world causes. In this case it was the on-set antics of Hayley Atwell and her co-stars that started a friendly competition that lit up the hearts of fans and cellphone screens around the world. Team Carter and Team Shield come together to create a rivalry […]

TeeFury presents Geek & Sundry’s OMNIBUS

Get on board the Omnibus! Geeky questions abound here at TeeFury HQ. Whether it’s about the feasibility of a fictional technology, or how superheroes keep up their devious disguises, epic nerd debates are a pop-culture language in which we are definitely fluent. These are the burning questions that keep us up at night (…or just me?) and the stuff […]