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Memories of a Real Genius

With the 30th anniversary of Real Genius upon us, we sat down with the artist of  the design, “Pacific Tech University“, Jason Tracewell to talk about the movie, its importance to him and why he wanted to make a tee around this classic movie. This tee is available now in our Back to School Collection. […]


Breaking the Fourth Wall It’s been a long time coming and the anticipation is building after the not-so-great appearance in X-Men Origins and the amazing test footage. The trailer is finally out there in all its Deadpool-ish glory and we think it’s safe to say that Ryan Reynolds has finally found a superhero alter ego […]

The 80s: A Decade of Details

Calling all 80’s kids! Or anyone who appreciates the 80’s or wishes they were born in the 80’s or anyone who has ever heard of the 80’s…we’re calling you. Today’s daily tee,”Product of the 80s” by zenmonkeystudios packs in 10 years of pop culture and enough memories to make even the least sentimental person nostalgic. To make […]

Up Close & Personal: Indominus Rex

Thank you for choosing to tour the TeeFury Jurassic Anatomy Exhibit! For your safety, remain seated with your seat belt fastened. Keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the vehicle at all times. And please, keep your eyes on your children. Prepare yourself – what you are about to witness might be shocking or downright […]

The TeeFury Panel | Comic Con 2015

In our second annual panel appearance at San Diego Comic Con, we’ll have an incredible lineup of guest panelists to talk about their experience as independent artists, navigating the world of tee design and self-promotion. Add “Shirts in the Pop-Culture Bubble” Saturday, July 11th at 7:00pm in room 4, to your schedule on the comic-con […]

TeeFury LIVE at Comic Con 2015!

It’s that time of year again – the nerdapalooza that is San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching and TeeFury will be at PetCo Park (in partnership with Nerdist Industries) to hand out exclusive free tees, screen printed on site! Wear your favorite TeeFury tees when you visit us for some surprises, and show us […]

The Master of Suspenseful Details

Film in Features Design nerds and film geeks can unite with delight in this unique illustration by artist mmarcin in a TeeFury debut! From the features of his iconic visage, the director’s most terrifying creations reveal themselves in this dastardly clever design. Don’t be scared and come and see– a murder of crows, a house on a hill, and a perilous plane coming […]