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TeeFury’s First Fan Curated Collection by Agent V

The amazing universe of designs available on TeeFury are fueled by the love of passionate fans supporting independent artists. For the most recent release of designs into our Gallery of tees, we let one lucky superfan take the reins to select 25 new designs to join our pop-culture cornucopia. Specially selected for being a unique and active part of the geek community […]

TeeFury presents Geek & Sundry’s OMNIBUS

Get on board the Omnibus! Geeky questions abound here at TeeFury HQ. Whether it’s about the feasibility of a fictional technology, or how superheroes keep up their devious disguises, epic nerd debates are a pop-culture language in which we are definitely fluent. These are the burning questions that keep us up at night (…or just me?) and the stuff […]

The Master of Suspenseful Details

Film in Features Design nerds and film geeks can unite with delight in this unique illustration by artist mmarcin in a TeeFury debut! From the features of his iconic visage, the director’s most terrifying creations reveal themselves in this dastardly clever design. Don’t be scared and come and see– a murder of crows, a house on a hill, and a perilous plane coming […]

TeeFury is Building a TARDIS…But Why? (Updated)

UPDATE: The Grand Prize Winner Announced! Congratulations to Joy Rogers. UPDATE E 2.0: Due to the overwhelming demand from the international Whovians out there we realized that it definitely isn’t fair to our non domestic Whovians to exclude them. So after the marketing department talked it over with our Resident Timelord and CEO, Sam Bruni, we […]

This One Hits Close to Home

By Tom Kurzanski Growing up, Egon Spengler was the Ghostbuster to whom I could relate. Venkman was the player, Stantz was the dopey geek, Winston was the everyman voice of reason. Spengler embodied the socially awkward, book smart individual: the deadpan wallflower with no filter. I’m no genius parapsychologist, but I saw myself in there.  I […]


Did you crazy cool cats know about the TeeFury Newsletter Treehouse? Yeah, that’s right, it’s a treehouse and totally real. In fact, you can become a part of the Treehouse club by signing up for our newsletter! By signing up you can get all this great stuff: * Every day you can expect to get […]