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Up Close & Personal: Indominus Rex

Thank you for choosing to tour the TeeFury Jurassic Anatomy Exhibit! For your safety, remain seated with your seat belt fastened. Keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the vehicle at all times. And please, keep your eyes on your children. Prepare yourself – what you are about to witness might be shocking or downright […]

A First Hand Account of the E.T. Landfill

In an unprecedented case of life imitating art, pixel artist extraordinaire Pacalin, (aka. Pauline Acalin) shares with TeeFury the story of her journey to experience a modern-day urban legend literally be uncovered and vindicated. So it goes that 30 years ago, Atari discarded several truckloads of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial game cartridges in a landfill […]

Unleashing the Beast

TeeFury was able to poke and prod into the brilliant and off-kilter mind of BeastPop (aka Jared Moraitis) to find out his creative process for today’s TwoFury “Ronald McDonald Duck” and “Flying Spaghoofy Monster”. This master of lowbrow art with influences ranging from gig-posters to vinyl toys, often cause people to pause upon viewing his […]

TeeFury Gets Posterized

Have you noticed that we’ve been having posters at checkout? You read that right, we’ve been offering posters at checkout. We know that you probably add shirts to the cart and then furiously check out because you’re super excited for your new tee. Trust us, we get you. But with this newly acquired information in […]

TeeFury is Hiring!

TeeFury is looking for a qualified person to fill our needs! Job Title: Bird Massager Job Description: Teebird needs to be constantly (yes we mean CONSTANTLY) massaged. We are looking for someone available for 100 hours per week to be his personal masseuse. Minimum Job Requirements: Applicants must have the following Masters Degree in Ornithology […]

Dealing with a Design Doppelganger

By MJ It’s a moment that happens to every prolific designer, but also one that fills artists with dread… Seeing a design that looks suspiciously like your own work brings a flood of emotions- you might feel hurt, angry, stressed or even scared. But before you do anything rash, examine the facts. Is the design […]

True Tee Detective

Conspiracy theories and peculiar oddities have plagued the TeeFury Headquarters recently. Bewildering talk about Carcosa, a spaghetti monster, and a yellow king have spiraled around like an eager black hole consuming our existence. Our Art Department can’t seem to make sense of it, and so have enlisted the help of artists Austin James and Jason […]