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The BeastPop Takeover Collection

It’s the season of spooks and TeeFury is gearing up for a month of the macabre! We’re both excited and honored today to have designer extraordinaire BeastPop (aka. Jared Moraitis) make a splash launching his special Takeover Collection today. Read on below about the veritable monster squad of talent he assembled for this special set. Take it away […]

A Galactic Collab with Brandon Kenney & Karen Hallion

Have you seen this adorable design rolling around the interwebs? Entitled “Chew Toy“, it’s the cuddliest mashup in recent memory and features the combined talents of Brandon Kenney and Karen Hallion for this TeeFury Exclusive. With the curiosity of a probe droid, we tracked down these Force-sensitive artists who graciously shared their collaborative process and what it’s like to […]

A Spielworld of Details

Get a closer look at this dedication to a modern master of storytelling with today’s TeeFury design, “Spielworld“. Artist mmarcin continues his epic dedication to the movers and shakers of the silver screen. Hover over and find your favorites easter eggs from films past. Fly over to here to snag the tee for yourself for just $11 today only (9/17)!

The 90s: Dig into the Details

Zoinks! The 90s were definitely smmmmmokin’! The truth is out there when you look into all the fresh details of this design “Product of the 90s” by zenmonkeystudios. Use the magnify tool to hover and scope out a decade of gems. Ahhh! Real details are in here Puddin’. These characters are zany to the max. Power up, […]

The Burton of Truth

 A Feast for Your Eyes  Open your sleepy sights to the hidden hollows of this design and spy the fine features in “Burton’s World” by mmarcin. The artist’s previous creative nod went to another director of horror in Shadows of Suspense. For fans of this modern director’s recognizable stylistic mix of macabre, quirk, and whimsy, there’s quite a few facets to find– use […]

An Eye Opening Charitee

Late last month saw the unfortunate passing of famed wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper. The WWE Hall of Famer grew to prominence as a popular villain in the ring and remained a crowd favorite that saw his roles expand into films and TV. TeeFury artist BeastPop dedicated a design to the Piper’s most famous movie role in John […]

Despicable Details

BEEE DO BEEE DO BEEEE DO! Remember those big giant books of yore that tested your visual acuity for hours on end? Well today’s TeeFury design brings back the pastime with a tee! Take a closer look at today’s daily design “Where’s Kevin?” by artist drbutler with this handy magnifier tool above. Let us know if […]