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The Bamboota Takeover Collection

The fourth installment of our Artist Takeover Series continues this month with the Bamboota Takeover starting on 1/21 at midnight EST! The guest curator, Bamboota aka. Crystal Fontan, is a seasoned TeeFury artist and talks a bit about how she curated this stalwart set of 19 new designs: First off, Thanks Teefury for letting me curate a Takeover Collection!! I’ve […]

Take Stock in Children ChariT-shirt

January is Mentoring month and TeeFury is happy to highlight an organization that supports this endeavor, Take Stock in Children. They serve communities across Florida, but anyone in the country can find similar opportunities by visiting, where you can find a database of local programs. Here are a few words from the organization: The Take Stock in Children program is […]

A Familiar Concept Awakens an Old Force

It’s True. All of It. The results are in and the box office numbers have spoken– the galaxy from a long time ago is back in spectacular fashion. Paying clear homage to the classic films, this 7th film installment plays to all the nostalgic notes that fans were eager to see while injecting updated dynamics in both character and action. Now […]

Enter TeeFury’s Epic Galactic Giveaway!

UPDATE: The Winners Announced! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated! The day that fans across the galaxy have been waiting for has finally arrived. TeeFury also felt the force of fandom awaken, and to celebrate is hosting the Galactic Giveaway! In keeping with the tradition of supporting amazing independent creators, TeeFury commissioned a few artisans to fashion […]

The Chogrin Takeover Collection

This December saw quite an number of holiday additions, but we know pop-culture fans are hungry for the best and brightest no matter what the season! Continuing our Takeover series where an artist curates their own collection, we’re happy to announce the Chogrin Takeover! We were elated to see a cadre of new artists join in with a few TeeFury […]

TeeFury’s First Fan Curated Collection by Agent V

The amazing universe of designs available on TeeFury are fueled by the love of passionate fans supporting independent artists. For the most recent release of designs into our Gallery of tees, we let one lucky superfan take the reins to select 25 new designs to join our pop-culture cornucopia. Specially selected for being a unique and active part of the geek community […]

Old Buddies and New Tees with Galactic Style

TeeFurians who have been around from long ago will immediately recognize this galactic pair from not too far away… “Best Buddies” by Chris Wahl has been one of TeeFury’s most popular and instantly collectible designs. Within its deceptively simple lines, the illustration captures the palpable and playful spirit of adventure and excitement (Although we crave not […]