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Theories of Evolution

A Study in Details For the keen eyed scholarly types, one of today’s designs, “Evolution” by Santiago Sanchez, holds some delectable easter eggs. When asked about his design inspiration, we go more than just an answer but a comprehensive visual guide! But first, let’s start with some words from the artist: SS: “This design is […]

Mentorship in Being Radd

Bringing the Atomic Swank Today’s design continues TeeFury’s Artist Mentorship initiative in pairing  AWESwanky (aka. Michael Swank) with Atomic Rocket (aka. Jesse Sanz). For comic fans wanting to take a break from surfing the cosmic waves, this Tiki style design brings a refreshing tropical style to the universe. The resulting work is “Radd’s Surf Shop“ available now! […]

Mentorship in Cold Fusion

Feeling Hoth lately? In a rather new initiative for TeeFury, today’s design, “Coldest in the Galaxy” is the result of two minds brought together in a collaborative mentorship. Tryaboy aka. Tristian Boykin, a self professed geeky dude and aspiring graphic designer, submitted the idea of matching these two elements that were galaxies apart. Although the […]

An Unstable Island

Keen eyed observers may have noticed these classic designs had returned to our shores for a short while on the 10th anniversary of the fateful Flight 815 . Here at the enigmatic TeeFury Initiative, our brightest scientific minds have translated the hieroglyphs and weighed the polar bears to discover these designs will again be unstuck in […]