Artist Spotlight: Karen Hallion

TeeFury has decided to shine an unprecedented beaming and brilliantly blinding spotlight on one of our favorite artists, Karen Hallion. Her popular designs have captured our imaginations with her vision of blending two completely different genres in a natural, yet meaningful manner. Our ever-expanding TeeFury Gallery is excited to add a limited-time collection of tees by this immensely talented artist. With her whimsical imaginings that fuse together fairytale princesses with a time traveling doctor, and also her art nouveau stylized renderings,  Hallion has delighted Teefurians with her timeless artwork.

Want to see all of Karen Hallion’s designs? Click here to see all that are available! 

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but Hallion’s designs could fill a novel. Take a peek below to find a few samplings of Hallion’s most beloved masterpieces:

 What would seemingly be, at first glance, just a little girl knocking at the door of a police call box, means so much more to Whovians.  Who knows what evil snowmen they could come across, or whether their paths have crossed before…in the future. Hallion1

How liberated might an ice queen feel if her soul-crushing silence was cracked wide open by a time lord passing through her lonesome castle.  The possibilities are endless as to what sort of journey might transpire. Hallion2

Our Gallery has acquired other works over time by Hallion. Her previous designs have continued to capture the hearts and minds of Teefurians. Perhaps our favorite time traveling doctor appeared in a dream-like forest, and woodland creatures beckoned a hidden princess with a bit of song and dance dressed in his dapper duds.  Has she walked with him before? Hallion lets your imagination dream with endless prospects. Hallion3

Of course the good Doctor would travel to the furthest depths of the sea to offer a part of many worlds to those who seek it. How many treasures can one TARDIS hold?


What if the Doctor was our favorite nanny? Seems highly logical, since she is most helpful, appears out of thin air, and has enough cunning wit and charm to set things right.


Who is brave enough to follow their fate? An arrow might point you in the right direction!


Ever wonder where you might land if you fell down a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey rabbit hole? A land of perplexing riddles and games to solve may lead you to the answers you seek.


Karen Hallion has eloquently filled our wardrobes with a series of tales that manifest a sense of adventure. The unlikely pairing of two entirely separate fandoms have bonded effortlessly with her magical depictions.

To see the rest of her designs available click here. 

Who is your favorite Teefury artist? Share your favorite design below!

  • Jillian Hall

    I love Karen Hallion and have two of her designs and look forward to seeing more. But my favorite design I’ve seen so far on TeeFury is “Forbidden Books are Fun!” by Anna-Maria Jung. It speaks to the absolute book lover in me. :)

  • Lauren Anderson

    I have Hallion’s “Girl in the Fireplace,” and “Frozen in Time and Space” is on it’s way, but I want them all! She and Megan Lara are my favorite designers because their shirts are always so dreamy and beautiful!

  • WhoMe

    Love her designs!! Why, oh why is Once Upon a Dream only available in charcoal?!?!?!?! I loathe that color. :(

    • Monica

      I have it in purple, not sure where I got it from.

  • Ellie

    Karen is without a doubt my favourite artist! I <3 all of her designs, especially "come away with me" which was the first of her designs I saw along with "are you comin' blonde?" of the awesome Rapunzel :-D