A Game of Tees

T-shirts and classic games have had a long history. What better way to find your Player 2 than to have him or her recognize you in the wild sporting a favorite character or game? It’s an instantaneous way to bond over shared hours questing lands and vanquishing mini-bosses, so out in the map of the world, keep your eyes peeled

A wild tee has appeared!

In fact,  there are two of them. Today’s shirts on TeeFury are “Dungeons and Ganon” by Creative Outpouring (a brotherly collaboration) and “Master Buster Sword” by Drew Wise.
Ever wondered what goes on inside the NES cartridge of shirt design while you’re playing a game of tees? Well blow out that dust, let’s get to know the pair of artists who designed these threads.

First at bat is Josh Ketchen aka Creative Outpouring:


“Dungeons and Ganon” by Creative Outpouring

Please tell us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you’re trying to convey.
JK: Well the design was a collaboration between myself and my brother Teeketch Illustrations. We kept spit balling ideas one day and wanted to do a vintage kind of design. We thought about Legend of Zelda and realized that it could make a really sweet D&D campaign.

How did you get started designing t-shirts?
JK: I’m not exactly sure to be honest how I got into tee shirt designing. I’ve been illustrating and designing since I was a freshman in high school and recently I must have blacked out and woke up with a design reminiscent of Super Mario or something. haha.

Sounds like Doc Brown inspiration!
Are you a RPG player? Do you have any favorites?
JK: YES I’m a big RPG fan. I was addicted to the Suikoden series. Currently I’m really addicted to Bravely Default. It’s just so gorgeous and the battle system absolutely rules.

That sounds like fun. What type of fantasy/game character would you be in one of these games?
JK: I would love to be a Black Mage or Summoner (referring to Final Fantasy Tactics). Mages look cooler but, I mean, how can you top Bahamut!

Do you have any favorite designs? What makes it stand out?
JK: Well there’s a metric TON of designs that have printed before that I love. For example, Spirit Dream by Letter Q because it’s just such a great mash and Critical Hit by Adams Pinto is really great; Not enough D&D love so it’s nice to see.

What is the process like collaborating with a sibling? Are they advantages or drawbacks?
JK: Umm It’s pretty typical. Professional and pretty fun. We usually are on the same page when it comes to style and concept and we know our strengths, so it really works.

What inspires your work?
JK: It’s cliché but everything and anything inspires me! I do a lot of research and take a lot of photos and lose a lot of sleep. I’m really big on research and making sure my references make sense. It’s almost like some sort of game to me? haha

Thanks a ton Josh!
Hey, listen– next up is an interview from Drew Wise, who draws eyes among many other things:


Greetings Drew! Please start by telling us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you’re trying to convey.
DW: This is the second design in my master sword series, giving the hero of time the biggest baddest video game sword around! What would you folks like to see next? :)

Do you ever conjure up stories around your designs?
DW: Every design I create, I try my best to get all the details as accurate as possible! I want the scenario to feel legitimate & believable!

Which one your designs would you most want to see 3D sculpted?
DW: I would love to see any of my designs in 3D!  Especially my Sherlock Skull Violin design!

That design made a fine pairing on that TwoFury day;)
Who you absolutely love to see wearing today’s design in the wild?
DW: Shigeru Miyamoto, Hironobu Sakaguchi, or Nobuo Uematsu!

Do you have any favorite designs? What makes it stand out?
DW: Haha too many amazing designs to count!  A lot of them are in the Teefury gallery actually!  One of my favorites is Pacalin’s Grid Invader, such a strong mash-up and it’s perfectly executed! :)

You have so many clever animated versions to your designs. If we had perfected wearable animated t-shirt technology that manages to feels just like our ring-spun cotton— which design of yours would be the first prototype? (We’ll remember for the future)
DW: I would love to see one of my Miyazaki robot designs come to life! Arms moving, gauges moving, lights flickering, etc!  Actually, there’s LED shirt technology in shirts starting to pop up online! ;)

Sounds like the way of the future– Thanks for the insights!
Remember TeeFurians, in this realm, you win an amazing shirt in 24 hours, or it dies (and it goes into After Hours).
Stay sharp!