A Mentorship in Chaos Theory

The Trappings of a Prehistoric Design The mad scientists at TeeFury Labs have been hard at work combining the genes (or maybe just the talents for now) of different artists to create an entirely new species of t-shirt design. We call them TeeFury Mentorships. Some have called us crazy, but think of the admission we could charge~ […]

A Vision of Mentorship

The Works Bro-gress Administration Today’s design on TeeFury features a design that was part of the TeeFury Mentorship program. In this series we connect budding artists with design veterans to bring out the best in a concept. Much like the hi-tech incubation of alien A.I., the creative arts and science come together to create a refined design. Below we got […]

The Master of Suspenseful Details

Film in Features Design nerds and film geeks can unite with delight in this unique illustration by artist mmarcin in a TeeFury debut! From the features of his iconic visage, the director’s most terrifying creations reveal themselves in this dastardly clever design. Don’t be scared and come and see– a murder of crows, a house on a hill, and a perilous plane coming […]

Game of Tees Giveaway and Collection

UPDATE: Winners announced! Congratulations from across the Realm. v You have Arrived at Tee’s Landing Guard yourself against the coming Winter with one of these incredible prizes! As we celebrate the long awaited return of Game of Thrones, join us for a week of free tees, authentic replica prop giveaways, and new shirt G.o.T. designs available only for a limited […]