Attack on Dinosaur - Red
by Justyna Dorsz
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Attack on Dinosaur - Red
Attack on Dinosaur - Red
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Justyna Dorsz
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Shawn Havery More than 1 year ago
TOTAL INSTABUY ...if it didn't have the text over it. I get the Attack on Titan reference, but in my opinion this would have been perfect simply as a Jurassic Park shirt. I really, really want it without the text. Also, fluorescent/glow ink would've been *awesome*.
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
My screen name is ingencorp; how could I possible pass up a Jurassic Park shirt? And two different ink options? Had to order one of each. :)
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
armyofrobots said: so, what does it say? I don't want to go to a foreign country and be stabbed on the spot. 'Attack on Dinosaur' It's a parody of the logo of the popular manga and anime series 進撃の巨人, Attack on Titan in English, with a Jurassic Park theme.
Jason Jones More than 1 year ago
grousseau said: Just for the record my question was genuine. In the past Teefury has offered differant inks that pick up light differantly. I wanted to know if that was the case with todays ink choices. So I hope that clears the air. I really would like to say A few more things to you but, this is not the place. I wasn't referring to your question.
Paul Dorney More than 1 year ago
If you put on some old school blue and red lensed 3-d glasses and look at these images does it become a 3-d image???? hahaha :)
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
please anyone help me end this dispute with my mother about who the one holding the flare .... she things its carl from walking dead .. she wont change her mind about it even tho i showed her pictures of the scene from the movie and the anime which it is combine with .....she'll only believe its Dr. Grant not carl if the creator of this print says so herself
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
Can I get a blue without the lettering?
Jo Ann LeClair More than 1 year ago
nagromsb said: Love the Jurassic Park design, hate the writing across it. Really because I would like the dinosaur out of my writing please
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
...Why is a velociraptor head slapped on a T-Rex body?
JONATHAN M ROBERTS More than 1 year ago
Croooow's comment about the 6 color choices made me laugh. Can't wait for tonight's shirt. I don't mind anymore when I don't really 'like' a design, because Teefury comes through at least once a week for me. Love this site. There was another comment that was really on point, but I don't want to drum anything up. I definitely laughed a couple of times thanks Furians.