• Lembas Bread
    Lembas Bread

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    Did you know that one small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man?

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    Lembas Bread


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    Picking a faction you believe in is easy — but only at first. That's because regardless of whatever ideals their leaders espouse, it all comes down to treachery and bloodshed in the end. War, war never changes.

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Kimara49 3 hours ago
Lembas instabuy!

Lyhalan 5 hours ago
I don't play Fallout, but that's an awesome Fallout shirt. 
kaylarbear 10 hours ago
I love BOTH of these sooooooo muhuhuuuuuch.  D:
KieliAnne 10 hours ago
Ooooooh if I wasn't waiting for 3 shirts from teefury already to arrive in the mail I would definitely pick up the Lembas one!!
crazylegsk 17 hours ago
Lembas! Love it!
Lmccoy 18 hours ago
Please bring back Cory's prancing pony design in a hoodie!  Was told it would be available the day after the T-shirt debuted, but it's never been on the site. Unless I'm just completely overlooking it.  I've been ready to buy that for months. I don't need anymore tees but I could use another hoodie. :)
CoryFreeman 11 hours ago
Thanks for your support, Lmccoy!
Actually, you're right, the Prancing Pony design got a take-down request from the IP-holder pretty much the same day of the sale, so TF had to pull it :(
That's why you've not seen it in the shop here, I'm afraid.
Lmccoy 8 hours ago
Oh I"m so bummed! I loved that one! Might have to go for Lambas instead... :) Thanks for the great LOTR designs!
CoryFreeman 7 hours ago
Thanks for your support! If you want to check out my Facebook page, you can see the other designs in the series and where you might still be able to find them :)
tuvili 7 hours ago

JussMess 4 hours ago
What a coincidence! I'm actually wearing your "Prancing Pony" design on brown, one of Favorite designs by Mr. Coryfreeman. Such an awesome shirt that I am happy I got! Lembas looks tight too! Keep up the great work CF! :)
CoryFreeman 2 hours ago
Thank you very much! I appreciate your support and your kind words!
timerider 19 hours ago
Oh man, that Fallout one is pretty good.
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