• Just a Humble Bounty Hunter
    Just a Humble Bounty Hunter

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    I enjoy sci-fi design and particularly tech and vehicle design. For me, this ship ranks up there with the classics like the Falcon and The Enterprise.

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    Just a Humble Bounty Hunter

  • Not Your Memories
    Not Your Memories

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    This was inspired by the age-old question, "Who am I?"... or in this case, "What am I?"

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    Not Your Memories

timconklin less than 1 minute ago
Teefury staff:

Will there be more designs for the tanks coming out in the future, or are these it?  I've bought two from the current crop and I love them.   I'd like to order a few more, but am not a fan of the rest.

Will I be making more purchases soon, or what?
Kyuuketsuki8 1 hours ago
I think the Cowboy Bebop shirt is pretty sweet.
aendewhy 2 hours ago
will we ever get $11 tanks? 
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Unfortunately, that's not in the cards right now @aendewhy :(
Letter_Q 3 hours ago
Awesome Blade Runner design.....O_O
mowlah 7 hours ago
That shirt is designed to provoke an emotional response.  I want it!  Nice work DJKopet again!
iluvrsmith 9 hours ago
In reference to the Blade Runner shirt, WOW, JUST WOW.  It's very stunning.  Well done.
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
DJKOPET never ceases to amaze us!
jeffreydavid 8 hours ago
This shirt looks so cool, it honestly makes me wish I liked Blade Runner! Seriously, great shirt though. Hope lots of legit fans pick it up.
stendek 9 hours ago
Just received my latest tee.. "my neighbour Alice" excellent.. thanks.. Two  "Bladerunner"  tees' ordered today...
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
That's awesome, @stendek!
DaveD76 12 hours ago
That Blade Runner tee is pretty epic. 
Dave 19 hours ago
What is the NOT YOUR MEMORIES a reference to?
deadhippo 19 hours ago
Blade Runner. In the style of The Dark Knight Rises poster.
Punksthetic 19 hours ago
I like how the poster for that movie is more popular than the movie itself.
EllisTheExile 19 hours ago
Bladerunner. That's Deckard on the shirt itself. 
nicole_ryder 19 hours ago
Looks like a blade runner reference 
TheDazler 15 hours ago
Hi Dave, Well, I guess this is answered by now, but Yes, it's a Blade Runner reference, and it's friken Cool (Well done DJKOPET). ...I Love how the city scape behind Deckard shapes into a Origami Unicorn. Cool!
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