8th of Hearts
8th of Hearts
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8th of Hearts Tee

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CanadErik 3 months ago
Want want want! Please bring it back!
TDay305 More than 1 year ago
please put this and the 12th of hearts for sale! PLEASE!!!
N/A N/A More than 1 year ago
Received this in a grab bag, probably won't wear it. It's a women's medium. Send me an email if you want to trade. [email protected]
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That moment where you're collecting these playing card shirts, but miss one of the Doctors! Sigh...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No After Hours sales? Oh well, I purchased my #8 (and a #10) last night...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deanosaur said: waywardfool said: Okay, so let me say that I hate Breaking Bad. Never watched it, but I just don't like that genre at al. Every time there is a breaking bad shirt, I feel like it is a wasted day with teefury.com and yeah, I get a little annoyed. But that is my personal preference. Many people like the show. So ill get over it. On the other hand, I love love love Doctor Who. I get pretty damn excited when they put up a shirt, and I buy almost every one (it's becoming a problem) Why can't people accept that Doctor Who has a large fan base, with people who love to show their appreciation, with a great many talented artists also interested in the show? Please stop whinging. I like going through comments of what people like about the tshirt and their opinions in color choices. I read the comments every day, and I wish people would stop expecting a site to stop printing something they don't like because they rant about it. This is a business. An amazing site that gives us all great shirts and displays work of a range of artists and fandoms. I believe the problem lies more in the fact that 3/7 days there is a Doctor Who shirt, and NOT everybody likes Doctor Who. There's a lack of fandoms being represented when the other 2/7 days of that could be something representing more variety and more interests. The only reason you're(the doctor who fans) perfectly okay with it is because you get shirts every other day of the week. I'd like to see a Percy Jackson shirt, How to Train your Dragon, more Supernatural designs, Red vs Blue, RWBY, homestuck, Uncharted, Final Fantasy VI, Borderlands, l4d, Disney, Pokemon, Regular Show, Mass effect, do you see how my list keeps going? There are so many darn things that could have filled in those other days where there have been more than one doctor who design. I'm not saying that some of those things haven't been done, because I buy shirts here all the dang time, but it gets old. It would be nice to see more variety, because the lack of is causing hundreds of people to groan at their screens and exit out with a sigh. Nobody really wants them to stop printing Doctor Who shirts, everybody is just annoyed as heck that there's hardly anything else, or, not hardly, but enough doctor who shirts that they outnumber the other things printed. I looked in the gallery at the last 200 designs and found 19 Doctor Who shirts. That means over 90% of the shirts feature a design unrelated to Doctor Who. Your statement, 'There's hardly anything else,' doesn't stand up to the reality of the numbers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PS-WTB feature on these card shirts to be able to invert the image ;) (I about pee'd myself when they actually broadcast 'Night of the Doctor' on Christmas Eve-I looooove the new [RIP :( ] costume! )
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
X Chris said: Great. Another Dr. Who shirt. Just what I wanted. Can't have enough shirts of a show I will never watch. And if I ever had an intention of watching it, this site has made me hate it so much I will never give it a chance. (By the way, this is nothing against the artist. Great artwork as always, but the subject matter is old by now.) About 50 years to be exact :) There's plenty of places to get awesomeness that's not Who, and Teefury certainly prints a lot more non-Who shirts than the complaints seem to have. They've just been in abundant supply lately because, uh, the show literally JUST turned 50. What nerd thing would anyone NOT want to celebrate when it turns 50? In other words if you hate Star Trek you better not visit this cite for like a year in 2017 ;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love these playing card shirts! Just wish I was a bigger fan of #8. I hope you (the artist) runs through the gamut of the Doctors for these shirts! So says a Whovian for life
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
js1216 said: Sawowie said: I'm curious, why the 8th doctor. it doesn't seem logical to me. Why how Tom baker :D The Eighth Doctor seems to be big right now. Because of Night of the Doctor (The Lower portion of the card reflects that costume). This is strange because the Eighth Doctor should be big at all times. Due to his amazing character and stories. I mean, he does have the highest amount of adventures of any Doctor. And Paul McGann has acted as the Doctor in more adventures than any Doctor since him and several before him (including Tom Baker). Really I find that hard to bellieve. There arent that many Big Finish stories. 7th should have more he has almost as many audio and of course way more shows. (heck he's in the movie too)
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